7 new dating terms you must be aware of before you become a victim of it

Take a look at the dictionary of dating terms.

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Online Dating Terms

How updated is your dating terms vocabulary? Well, if you are in the current dating scene and not updated with the trends, you’re certainly missing out on a lot. So here are a few new age dating terms you should be aware of:

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Breezing-a New Dating Trend

Breezing: This is the simplest and coolest dating term and trend. Today’s generation wants to let go off the dating rules and be themselves. Text immediately, being expressive, not playing hard to get and the likes.

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Yo-yo relationships: It’s an emotionally draining relationship where you both keep dating on and off. You treat your partner as a fallback and keep breaking up every now and then. You’re just habituated with the idea of being together but are not actually happy.

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Catfishing: Just like phishing in banking, catfishing in the modern dating language means being cheated online. In simple words, the person you are chatting with is fake or has a stolen identity. It is also used to lure women or men using sad stories and set a trap for you.

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Benching: In this dating practice, your partner will do everything to keep you interested. They’ll text, flirt and call at times but will never meet you or be a part of your plans. Basically, they aren’t interested in you but don’t want to let go off you either.

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Stone Walling

Stonewalling: When your partner becomes closed or stops all types of communication during an argument or fight, it is called stonewalling.

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Breadcrumbing: Another one on the list of worst dating practices is breadcrumbing. Your ex tries to leave breadcrumbs in the form of random miss you texts, a comment in your social media profile, or a sudden visit out of the blue. They break up but still want to feel important and not let you move on.

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Cushioning: It is similar to an open relationship. Basically you keep a cushion to fall back on if things don’t go right in the current relationship. So cushioning means dating two to three people at a time to keep your options ready just in case one of them fails.