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5 health benefits of ejaculating you didn't know about

Written by Juhi Kumari | Published : January 18, 2019 3:53 PM IST



Giving a pleasant sensation and satisfying experience, ejaculation is what every man wants to achieve. Men ejaculates either by involving in sex or in masturbation. Both ways are equally fine and have plethora of health benefits. From reducing your chances of developing prostate cancer to boosting your self-esteem, ejaculation does it all for you. Still, few men always remain in dilemma whether to ejaculate more often or not? They also ask questions like, does frequent ejaculation can take a toll on their health? How many times a day they should ejaculate maximum? Does frequent ejaculation can decrease their sperm count? Well, these are very normal queries that need to be answered. Whether you have a partner to hit the bed or you are helping yourself, ejaculation is going to benefit your body. Also, you must understand that there is no perfect answer of ejaculating how many times a day is good. Number which can be normal to one can be less, more, or surprising for the other. Therefore, just do it your way. Also, do know the health benefits of ejaculating. Here we provide some for you.



Reduces your chances of prostate cancer: A 2003 Australian study suggests that ejaculating more than 5 times a week keeps you away from the risks of developing prostate cancer. Actually, by ejaculating semen, your body prevents the buildup of cancerous cells.  Also Read - Pooping While Giving Birth? You Are Not Alone



Releases stress: Doing sex or masturbation helps in the release of ‘feel good’ hormone known as dopamine and oxytocin in your brain. This way, it helps in releasing stress.


Self Esteem

Boosts your self-esteem: A chemical known as oxytocin releases in your brain after ejaculation, which stimulate positive thoughts and increase self-esteem.