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5 erogenous zones in women (Gallery)

Want to make your sex life more creative? Knowing about the various erogenous zones on a woman's body will definitely help.

Written by Sameer Jha | Updated : July 12, 2018 3:07 PM IST



Most women love being kissed on their necks. You can plant some light kisses on the back of her neck, and continue exploring the entire area this way. Some women even like air being blown on their skin, before they are kissed. Nibbling, biting and licking too are some options you can consider if both of you enjoy it.


Inner Thigh

You may not have known this, but inner thighs are a very soft and sensitive area with many nerve endings. Try and make it a point to arouse her by touching and caressing it, before you approach her genitalia. Also Read - Can Walking Backwards Increase Your Fitness Level?


Hair And Scalp

Slowly running your fingernails through her hair will most certainly make her feel loved. Also, the stress of her daily existence will get released this way.



A lot of men have a fetish for this part, and women too love being touched and kissed here. Slowly run your fingertips over her back and follow it up with gentle kisses. Giving a nice back massage, after she returns from a hard day’s work at office can help release her stress significantly and can be a great way to initiate sex.  Also Read - 7 Steps To Improve Your Mental Fitness



Butt is one of the parts that a woman is extremely conscious of, and you can show the requisite appreciation for it by kissing and stroking it. Even though, some women like being mildly spanked and firmly squeezed here, it is important that you do it only after she has warmed up sufficiently.


Female Erogenous Zones

Want to make your sex life more creative? Knowing about the various erogenous zones on a woman’s body will definitely help. Erogenous zones refer to areas on the body which when stimulated, leads to sexual arousal. This is so because these areas have heightened sensitivity. Also Read - Chicory: Health Benefits, Uses And Side Effects Of Kasani


Pay Attention

Besides these, there are other erogenous zones too. Always remember that each woman is different, and having an open conversation about each other’s erogenous zones can help in improving sex life for both of you.