Seasonal Vaccinations: Why Should You Get Yourself Vaccinated?

Dr Amitoj Singh Chhina explains that protecting ourselves and those around us are two key reasons to get vaccinated.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : June 9, 2023 10:54 AM IST

Get Vaccinated!

Vaccination uses your body’s natural defences to build resistance to specific infections and strengthens your immune system. They train your immune system to create antibodies, just as when exposed to a disease.

Vaccinations Should Not Be Seasonal

Dr Amitoj Singh Chhina, Consultant- Pediatrics and Neonatology, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bengaluru (Old Airport Road), explains that protecting ourselves and those around us are two key reasons to get vaccinated. Also Read - Japanese Exercises: Can They Help You Burn Belly Fat?

Flu Deaths

Flu infects hundreds of thousands of people in our country every year, leading to tens of thousands of hospitalisations and deaths. It is particularly devastating among vulnerable populations like the elderly and young children.

Same Types Of Virus

Sometimes the same virus types are included in the vaccine yearly. Even then, the yearly flu vaccine is still essential because the body's immunity against the influenza virus declines over time.

Flu Vaccine

Getting the flu vaccine protects the recipient and helps protect the community. As immunisation makes someone less likely to get the flu, they are less likely to spread it. It's the only way to protect infants younger than six months from the flu, as they cannot receive the vaccine.  Also Read - 7 Crucial Points You Must Check Before Joining A Gym

Here Is Why You Should Take Vaccinations Regularly

Vaccines are safe, support your immune system and can prevent serious illness