4 self-help tricks to help you in beating signs of schizophrenia

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4 Self-help Tricks To Help You In Beating Signs Of Schizophrenia

Legends rightly say self-help is the best help. This because no one else can understand your challenges and inconveniences better than you do. This is why doctors are stressing on self-help healing for all patients with schizophrenia, a long-term mental disorder that involves a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. While medication and therapy may take a long time to act on schizophrenia, there are certain self-help pointers that can help you manage your symptoms, improve the quality of life and feeling and enhance your self-esteem. Here are a few of them that you need to know if you are schizophrenic.

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Get Social Support

Friends and family are important for helping you get the appropriate treatment and controlling your symptoms. However, you need something more if you want to improve your life effectively. Here comes the need to join a schizophrenia support group and spend time with people with common interests. Talking face to face about your problems is the best way to calm your nervous system and keep your symptoms under check, suggest the experts.  Also Read - Skincare Tips During Periods: Try These Amazing DIY Products For A Clear Skin During Your Cycle, Watch Video

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Manage Stress Yourself

High levels of stress can be worst triggers for schizophrenia as they increase the body’s generation of the hormone cortisol. Apart from staying socially alive and connected, try out other methods like yoga, meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques to keep stress under control. These are the best self-help ways you can adopt to manage stress.

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Go For Regular Exercise

Exercise plays an important role in curbing schizophrenic symptoms, hence, never skip your daily exercise. Not just reducing symptoms, exercise can also help you enhance your focus and energy and enable you feel calmer. Work on some rhythmic exercise that involves both your arms and legs like walking, running, swimming or dancing.  Also Read - Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Eye Sight: Know How To Make Vision Better As Per Ayurveda, Watch Video

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Sleep Well

If you are schizophrenic you may need sleep more than the average 8 hours. While you may face problem in having sound sleep, doing regular exercise and staying away from caffeine may help you overcome the trouble with sleep.