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Role Of Hormones In Weight Gain And Loss: 6 Ways To Control Them

One needs to remember six understandings to control the process of gaining or losing weight.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : August 26, 2022 6:40 PM IST


Hormones can make one go all silly as they facilitate every bodily process, to name a few: - metabolism, growth, development inclusive of sexual function, and providing increased or decreased appetite. Therefore, hormones play the role of being the influential elements when talking about one’s body gaining or losing weight simultaneously. Weight gaining or losing aspects are directly proportional to hormones, so to understand how this process functions, Nitesh Kasma, Co-founder of Gummy Lounge, gives below some understandings that one needs to keep in mind, to control the entire process of gaining or losing weight.


Pancreas- Creator Of The Hormone Insulin

Insulin is one of the essential hormones for storing blood sugar and utilizing it according to one’s body needs, including deciding the amount of fat storage required in one’s body. As insulin directly affects the process of gaining and losing weight, what one can opt to do is stop overeating. Overeating directly results in insulin resistance, providing gained weight as the end product. Also Read - Down's syndrome: Ayurveda not only helps in treatment but may also successfully prevent this condition


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Vaguely one in every hundred teens is facing a major PCOS crisis. PCOS is all about having painful periods, bloating, and weight gain. PCOS is the by-product that takes place because of hormonal imbalance and Endometriosis by creating insulin resistance and higher androgen levels. Therefore, the best way to avoid such a painful experience is to visit or schedule a routine body check-up with a doctor of one’s preference.


Notable Estrogen Work!

Is it the storage of fats or the functioning of the entire female reproductive system, Estrogen being the responsible hormone making above mentioned things possible? Having too little or too high Estrogen levels results in weight gain. However, one can opt for exercising by creating a strict schedule and eating fibrous foods resulting in balanced Estrogen levels. Also Read - Kirron Kher Health Update: Actress-Turned Politician Tests COVID-19 Positive


Another Gut Control Hormone - Peptide (PYY)

One needs to have high Peptide or PYY levels as these hormones prevent overeating. It’s all about consuming or having a diet full of low-carbs, including protein and fibre-rich intake.


What Is CCK - Cholecystokinin?

Birthed in the gut, whose primary function is to make one feel full, if one continuously keeps on facing weight issues; remember, it’s a red flag where one’s body is asking them to increase levels of Cholecystokinin or CCK by increasing the intake of heart-healthy fats while consuming the desired diets. Also Read - Self-Care For Women Leaders: Strategies For Managing Stress


Generation Z Drove And Most Appreciated Hormone - Cortisol, The Stress Hormone

This stress hormone is marking its name in this modern era where everyone is prone to have stress birthed from work, not meeting one’s expectations, and the list goes on. Cortisol is created with adrenal glands and released into the bloodstream when working or feeling a lot of stress, directly proportional to stress eating resulting in protruding tummies.