5 amazing health benefits of gardening you didn't know about

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Gardening is a great activity to stick close to nature. It doesn’t just offer therapeutic advantages but also serves the purpose of a complete body workout. It helps to enjoy the health benefits of naturally grown vegetables and fruits and did u know by simply reducing stress it can really reduce the risk of a stroke. Here we list down the benefits of gardening for you.

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Boosts Immunity

Improves immunity: Gardening can really improve your immunity. The soil bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae is commonly found in garden dirt and when we consume it by inhaling or ingest it through vegetables it helps to relieve us of the symptoms of allergies, asthma, psoriasis and reduces your anxiety levels. Amazing right!  Also Read - 3 Healthy Chocolate Recipes To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

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Aerobic Exercise

Great aerobic exercise: Gardening does require a lot of body movements and thus makes you sweat. All the bending, twisting, to reach for gardening tools, placing the plant weeds really works your muscles up and helps to catch up on a good aerobic workout.

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Hand Strentgh

Builds strong hands: Gardening requires a lot muscle strength to use those gardening tools easily. The constant hand movement helps to condition your hand muscles, keeping them strong and agile. The alternate switching between both left and right hands while gardening helps to maintain and improve your dexterity.  Also Read - India Registers 9 COVID Deaths, Community Transmission Of Monkeypox Reported In New Zealand

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Reduce Stress

It can help you destress: Gardening refreshes your mood by reducing your cortisol levels. It has a relaxing, calming, and destressing effect on you and may as well increase your productivity. Many people use gardening as their de-stressing hobby.

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