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Reverse Dieting: How Can It Help You Maintain Weight?

Reverse dieting is a slow and controlled method of maintaining weight by increasing the calories intake.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : March 25, 2023 3:10 PM IST

Reverse Dieting: How Can It Help You Maintain Weight?

Reverse dieting is a diet practice that athletes and bodybuilders take up to keep up their energy level and maintain their weight at the same time.

What Is This Diet?

The goal of this diet is to not gain back weight after days of dieting. But, that does not mean that you can eat anything. Stuffing your face will make you gain weight. This diet is a process to help your body adapt to the high calorie intake but also not gain weight due to it. Also Read - 7 Purple Vegetables You Must Include In Your Diet

Helps Increase Your Energy

Diets that are very restrictive do help you maintain your health but it can cause mood disturbance dues to hunger, decreased energy and trouble with concentration. But, reverse dieting does not have these after effects.

Reduce Hunger Pangs

Cutting calories can alter the levels of several hormones that influence hunger and appetite.

Aids Weight Loss

Currently, research is limited on the effects of reverse dieting. Most of its benefits are only backed up by anecdotal evidence. That said, increasing your calorie intake could boost calorie burning and normalize hormone levels, which could promote weight loss and maintenance. Also Read - How To Treat Cough And Cold During Pregnancy?