Psychological Immune System: 5 Ways To Take Care Of It

Our brain is more powerful than you think!

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : August 21, 2023 7:56 PM IST

Psychological Immune System

When our brain encounters situations that are negative and stressful, the subconscious mind activates our psychological immune system. According to research, our brain is so powerful that it can make the best of terrible situations somehow. It is more resilient than we are aware of. So, what is this ‘psychological immune system and how can we consciously protect it?

Learning To Be Neutral

Our brain is powerful and because of this, it can also have a bias towards negativity. Why do we focus more on negative things in life or in a situation? It is because our brain tricks us into it and it can go on and on causing us to have a mental breakdown. But, there is a way in which we can control the negative spiral. Instead of trying to focus on positive from negative, it may worl better if we think neutral. Reaching the neutral zone may be easier and it will help us relax. It also helps our brain access the parasympathetic nervous system, which is known as our “rest and digest mode. Also Read - Arjun Rampal Birthday: 6 Steal-Worthy Fitness Secrets Behind Arjun Rampal's Hot Physique At 51

Being Present

Another trick is by being present in the moment. It will help your brain not indulge in past or future events. You can achieve this through meditation, discipline, structure practice and mindfulness.

Practicing Acceptance

Sometimes our immune system may feel stuck. It often happens because of distress, trauma for a pronged period of time. At these moments, it is important to simply acknowledge our emotions and learn acceptance.