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7 reasons why sex is painful after pregnancy

Men, take a note and help her get over it for a better romp in bed.

Written by Debjani Arora | Published : March 31, 2017 10:16 AM IST


Pain In Sex After Pregnancy

People guard their sex lives fiercely, more so if it is sex postpartum. Sex, after delivery is a deciding factor of your relationship. But there is no denying that your sexual interest spirals downwards after baby arrives. Often this doesn’t go down very well with your partner who is at the receiving end of your postpartum woes. Sex also becomes painful (sometimes even after 18 months of delivery) and we never talk about it. And if you like most women experience pain during sex after pregnancy and wondering why, here are some reasons (drafted, after talking to various women and doctors).


Vaginal Pain

Your vagina hurts: It just didn’t have to withstand the strains of pushing your baby out; it has also faced the trauma of vaginal tear (sometimes it tears till the perineum), episiotomy or force of vaccum during assisted birth what-have-you. It could be possible that it takes longer for the vagina to heal that the estimated six weeks. The pain might persist even after six months of recovery. Sometimes the scar tissue might make the vagina tighter making intercourse difficult.  Also Read - Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction: Breathing Difficulty After A Run Could Be A Warning Symptom of Exercise Induced Asthma


Delayed Ejaculation

Your core muscles hurts: Your abdomen might have hurt if you have undergone a C-section. You will be advised to refrain from having sex for at least six months. But even if your excitement is at its pinnacle the result could be a disappointment. The healing that happens outward might not happen at the same pace inward. And of the many problems that you might face like bowel problems, bladder problems even sex could be a painful occurrence, especially while trying the conventional missionary.



You are breastfeeding: More than anything it makes you tired at the end of the day and leaves you with no energy for a romp in bed. Breastfeeding is also known to alter your sexual desires due to hormonal changes.


You Are Just Tired

You are suffering from postpartum depression: This can never make you feel like having sex any point in time. Postpartum depression robs your mood and joys out of simple pleasures of life and it does the same for sex too. If you have sex despite not being a mood, it could either lead to physiological pain or be a disaster.


You Are Tired

You are just tired: Sometimes you don’t need a physiological or psychological reason for not having sex. Post pregnancy lethargy is just enough for sex to turn into a painful affair.  Also Read - Best Yoga Poses To Tone Your Butt