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7 post-natal foods your body will thank you for

These grandma's secrets are the most effective foods for post natal recovery.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma | Published : August 21, 2015 4:12 PM IST


Post Natal Care

Upset bowel movements, lack of energy and body ache are a few discomforts a new mother faces post delivery. A healthy diet and some rest will help you heal sooner. What better than the age old Indian recipes to aid the recovery process!



Fennel water: Fennel seeds are effective in relieving constipation and aiding digestion, which is a common discomfort faced by most women postpartum. Celebrity food writer and chef Anjum Anand also recommends drinking fennel water every day during the postpartum stage for speedy recovery.


Fenugreek Seeds

Methi halwa: The galactogogues [1] present in fenugreek or methi seeds help in boosting lactation. For the halwa, boil soaked methi seeds in a cooker. Transfer them to a pan and add 1 cup jaggery and coconut milk. Stir till it turns brown and has the consistency of halwa. Add 1 tbsp ghee and eat every day for improving lactation.


Ajwain Parantha

Ajwain parantha or ajwain water: Whole wheat flour used for the paranthas is high in fibre, thereby improving digestion along with carom seeds or ajwain that not only cleanses the uterus but also improves lactation. Also Read - 7 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Should Know



Panjiri: This is every grandma’s favourite recipe for lactating mothers. It is powerhouse of nutrients with ingredients like wheat flour, ghee, fennel seeds, guar gum, ginger, cashews, almonds, dates, jaggery and much more. It helps replenish vital nutrients in body and makes you feel energetic.


Ginger Candy

Ginger candy: Ginger aids digestion and the candy made from khoya or milk powder, ghee and ginger roots helps improve blood circulation thereby restoring energy in body. Ginger also helps in avoiding colic in your baby when you are breastfeeding.  Also Read - Best Yoga Poses To Tone Your Butt