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Look for these uncommon signs if unable to conceive

Written by Editorial Team | Published : February 11, 2019 10:35 AM IST


If you are facing problems in getting pregnant regardless of frequent intercourse for at least a year, there are chances that you are infertile. Various reasons are there to blame including damage to your fallopian tube, hormonal problems, cervical issues, or uterine trouble. In fact, sometimes, it is quite a challenge to know the exact cause of infertility. Treatments of infertility in women depend up on its cause. However, before going to your doctor, look for certain signs or symptoms of infertility. These signs include cold hands and feet, leaking nipple, or growth of facial hair or excessive acne.

Cold Hands And Feet

Cold hands and feet: This is one of the signs of under active thyroid commonly known as hypothyroidism. And, this condition can potentially cause irregular ovulation, irregular menstrual cycle and infertility. Along with this, if symptoms like forgetfulness, constipation, dry skin and being unusually tired always persist, this indicate low levels of thyroid hormones in the body. Also Read - Exploring The Link Between Autism And Genetics: What We Know So Far

Leaking Nipple

Leaking nipple: When a woman is not pregnant or breastfeeding, usually nothing comes out of her nipples. However, if she has hyperprolactinemia, fluid or even milk get secreted by the nipples. Notably, raised prolactin hormone suppresses ovulation and can cause infertility.

Facial Hair

Growth of facial hair or excessive acne: If you experience sudden bursting of acne all over your face, back, and neck, your body is going through hormonal imbalance. Also, if you find hair growth on your body places where generally women do not have hair, you may be suffering from PCOS. These conditions occur when male hormone levels increase in your body suppressing ovulation. This can potentially cause infertility. Also Read - Aloe Vera Juice On Empty Stomach: What Happens When You Start Your Day With Aloe Vera Juice