Follow these tips to tackle postpartum sleeplessness

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It is normal that once your little one arrives; your sleep goes for a toss. During the first six months, you will get so less amount of sleep that it can lead to postpartum depression. Postpartum sleeplessness is a very common thing, but it can have severe consequences on your health such as depression and hypertension. You should try and seek help from other family members or friends with household chores, as it will give you more time to rest and regain your energy levels to cater to the needs of your toddler. If you witness symptoms like fatigue, mood swings then you should consult a psychiatrist or psychotherapist to overcome this condition. Here are a few ways that you can opt for tackling postpartum sleeplessness.

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Avoid smartphone: When your little one is taking a nap, you maybe tempted to use your mobile and communicate your thoughts, express your emotions or share baby food recipes on social media. However, experts recommend that when your infant is sleeping, you should try and get as much sleep as possible.

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Stay hydrated: If your body runs out of water, it can be as dangerous as the deficiency of nutrition when you are sleep deprived. Although, having tea or coffee can help you to stay awake but it will not be a permanent solution. Instead you should increase the intake of water, as it will help you to flush out toxins that may occur due to less sleep.

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