Diagnostic tests that can help you get pregnant after an abortion

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Need not to say how distressing experience an abortion or a miscarriage is. It can make a dent in your desire to get pregnant. The hopelessness, immense guilt, and the pain of a negative relationship, all take their toll. You may feel as if you killed a part of your being. However, life is as much as about deaths, as it is about rising from the ashes. Many women conceive even after multiple abortions. You just need to know about the reason that comes in the way of a healthy pregnancy. Moreover, if the abortion was planned, you need to consult a doctor. He may ask you to go through diagnostic tests that can help him know the core of the problem to advice you accordingly. Read on to know about some tests that are carried out to ascertain the cause of a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage in a woman.

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3D sonography: If you have faced a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage at least twice, 3D sonography will help the doctor to get an idea about the health of your uterus and indicate a problem if there is any. Also Read - New Bioengineered Cornea Helps Blind People See: It Is Made Of Protein From Pig Skin

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Blood Tests

Blood tests: This is done to check on hormonal imbalances and chromosomal abnormalities that may be leading to miscarriage.

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A total health check-up: A healthy body can only give the fetus a good environment to grow and thrive. Therefore, it is important to go for a total health check-up to get a sneak-peek of your health status. Also Read - Wish To Live Longer? Include These 4 Essential Nutrients In Your Diet