10 must dos during your first trimester of pregnancy

Congratulations! You are pregnant. Now get started with meticulous planning and taking into details every action of your that would promise a smooth pregnancy and labour ahead.

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Start Reading

Invest in good pregnancy and early childcare books. Read everything from the start, also the bit about conception. Doesn’t matter if you got the books after completing eight weeks of your pregnancy. Do not miss out on the initial chapters and read till the end. You can use some books as a reference guide for every week. Get the dope on labour and pain management, the process of childbirth, right nutrition and exercise and neonatal care. Many women like to take pregnancy and child rearing as it comes but a little preparation will always do you good.

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Just Sit Idle

Give the social media, the girly gossip a miss and just sit idle for a while; you are going to miss this once you are a mom.

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Write Your Birth Plan

The good thing about writing a birth plan is you can keep on modifying it till the end. But start writing it after your first antenatal test. In this way you would have a clear idea about what you want and how to approach things during the rest of your pregnancy.

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Set Alarm For Medications

Your smart phone has innumerable apps that would help you track your diet and exercises during pregnancy, but use it for the basics. Set an alarm for your medications – folic acid, prenatal vitamins, iron and calcium supplements. Keep it set for the next nine months so that you don’t miss out on them. If you are not in a habit of popping pills, more reasons why you should do this.

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Make Space In Your Wardrobe

Menial household chores during the first trimester can be hazardous for you. So hire a maid or ask your mother, sister or friend to help you in this. It’s your wardrobe that needs the most attention. Remember those designer jeans, old party wears that you have stuffed in the last shelves at the bottom. Clear them and make space. You would be piling up maternity wear, feeding gowns, and also would have to make space for your baby’s stuff. You won’t be able to do this with your bump it the second trimester so start early. Rearrange the wardrobe and keep stuff that you would need often on the top with less important ones in the bottom and the unwanted ones out of the closet.

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Go Slow On Beauty Treatments

Your well-wishers in all good stead would tell you to pamper yourself, go for spa treatments, pedicure and other facial treatments. But your first trimester is no time for this. Some beauty treatments (especially laser treatments) can cause harm to the developing foetus. Also the pressure points that are massaged during a spa treatment or while having a pedicure done can lead to abnormalities in the baby. Instead stick to your routine of cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing and bask in your pregnancy glow.

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Start Budgeting

Whether your pregnancy was planned or a surprise, chart out your financial plan. Know how much you have in the bank, how much you need to add to it and how you can streamline your expenses to save enough for the future. Sit with your spouse and chart a plan. To avoid arguments make it a point not to blame each other for the extra expenditure. Instead look for alternative ways to fit things in your lifestyle.

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Look For The Right Hospital

If you reached out for a gyneacologist without doing much research, not to worry you can take your reports to another one or a third if you aren’t satisfied. But do all this ground work in your first trimester. Changing doctors in your last trimester would be a stressful affair. Also if you plan to have a natural birth or a hypnobirth start looking for help soon and read on every bit of information you can.

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Plan The Birth Announcement

In India many woman refrain from making birth announcements till they cross the first crucial three months. So all this while, plan how would you make the announcement special for your extended family and friends. Many couples plan a lavish dinner to announce others send out gifts with cute massages. So what’s on your mind?

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Write A Pregnancy Diary

You would love to read about your emotional rollercoaster ride once you are out of it. Treasure the diary, show it to your daughter when it’s her turn. If you are blessed with a son make him read it one day so he knows what to expect from his woman.

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10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Trimester

Your home pregnancy test came in your favour and your gyneacologist confirmed the news. But morning sickness, nausea and fatigue soon mocks you to mar your new found happiness. Though you cannot get rid of the pregnancy niggles every time, but here we show you ways how you can make the most of your first trimester and face the rest of your pregnancy without much of difficulty.