Planning To Travel Amid Covid? 5 Precautions To Keep In Mind For Air Travel

Are you about to travel in the midst of Covid-19? Here is a list of five precautions to keep in mind for air travel and protect yourself against the virus.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri | Published : May 27, 2021 4:29 PM IST

Precautions To Take While Travelling

Whether it is to unwind the stress of daily hustle-bustle or explore the unexplored – travel was the rescue for most people. But with the onset of the pandemic, people have been forced to do things differently than they used to. And the world of travel is no different. Covid-19 has transformed the ways of air travel. While the vaccination against coronavirus is available, but the terror of its spread is not gone completely. One must understand that it will take to eradicate the virus and get back to normal once again. Until then, taking precautions is absolutely necessary. Since the pandemic, the air travel sector has undergone enormous changes, but two things have remained constant: the virus's menace and the struggle to create a safer environment. While leisure travel has ceased, air travel remains necessary for some. However, safety is better than cure. So, here is a list of precautions shared by EaseMyTrip.com with IANS.

Double Masking Is Important

There is no doubt that the second wave of the pandemic has hit the world in ways far worse than the first wave. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, double masking is better at reducing a person’s chances of exposure to the virus by 95 per cent. The CDC advises using a cotton mask over a surgical mask. Combinations such as two surgical masks or a K95/N95 mask and any other mask should be avoided. Also Read - World AIDS Day 2023: How AIDS affects your skin | Measures to prevent infections

Disinfect Your Baggage

Ensure that you check in with fewer bags and get them thoroughly cleaned using disinfectant wipes after the journey. Using a tissue, apply sanitizing gel to the handles and bottom of the suitcase. Regardless of the safety precautions in place, your suitcase will transit through multiple channels and persons on its way from check-in to the destination.

Take The Window Seat

A window seat may provide additional protection due to decreased exposure and mobility of individuals, hence minimizing touch. A person in the window seat effectively cuts the number of people inside your 6-foot exposure radius in half. Aisle seats should be avoided since passengers are more likely to visit restrooms, touch surfaces, and stroll past, increasing their exposure to the virus. Also Read - Combatting Rising HIV Threat: 6.26% Prevalence Of HIV Among Injecting Drug Users (IDU)

Ensure Minimal Contact Clothing

Who would have thought about choosing their outfit according to a virus, but that is how cautious one must be to steer clear of infection? Tracksuits are a good option to cover your body. Choose goggles to cover your eyes, avoid wearing open-toes shoes, wear socks underneath to cover your feet. It is better to keep your body as covered as you can.

Don’t Forget To Maintain Distance And Hygiene

With Covid around, it is best to bring your own bottle to avoid interaction with others, which is possible at the point of sale. While there is little you can do on the plane to preserve your distance, keep your distance from those at the terminal. While you're waiting for your trip, walk about the airport because the seating area might be a source of illness. It is also a good idea to clean and disinfect things like the tray table or in-flight entertainment systems that you will be utilizing throughout the journey. Similarly, when using restrooms at airports and on flights, measures should be taken, such as using elbows to open the doors. Also Read - 8 Foods To Avoid If You Have Digestion Issues