Heart Patients! These 6 Workouts May Be Too Dangerous For You

Intense exercises are good unless you a heart patient. In that case, some of these exercises could cause heart blockages or even heart attacks.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : June 7, 2023 8:35 AM IST

Heart Patients! These 6 Workouts May Be Too Dangerous For You

Exercising regularly is important for staying healthy and is a huge part of our lifestyle. But did you know there is such a thing called exercising unhealthily? Intense training is good unless, you are a heart patient suffering from coronary heart disease. Then, there are certain workouts that might do more harm than good. It could also kill someone. Recently we have seen reports of cases where people have suffered heart attacks while working out. Stay cautious and always consult your doctor, if you are a heart patient.

Running A Marathon

Exercises of extreme endurance are not recommended for heart patients. The reason is that, exercises like marathon can block the flow of blood to our heart temporarily. This can lead to a heart attack and is most prevalent in coronary heart disease patients.  Also Read - Horse Gram: Discover The Benefits Of This Superfood


Swimming requires a lot of strength and we often underestimate it. The water makes it even more difficult and heart patients should avoid it.

Resistance Training

Resistance workouts are way to intense for heart patients. People suffering from CHD should especially not do it. It can lead to angina, chest pain or even heart attack.


Heart patients may experience dizziness or angina if they try HIIT's. They are difficult and dangerous.