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Your child's favourite colour speaks a lot about their personality

Red, green, blue, black, orange-- your child's favourite colour decoded by an expert!

Written by Agencies | Published : February 27, 2017 12:02 PM IST


Ever wondered why your elder daughter prefers red while the younger one prefers green? Well, from character insights to behaviour patterns, colours can define your child's personality, says an expert. Mohita Indrayan, Chief Creative Director at 612 League, breaks down the colour code of your child's preferences.


Red: Children who prefer red colour are full of life and passionate in nature. They are not afraid to make bold choices, are energetic and adventurous.


Pink: The colour is mostly associated with girls. However, against the common belief, the colour is preferred by both boys and girls. The colour symbolises affectionate nature and innocence. Being the sensitive self that they are, they believe in giving to the world more than receiving from it. Also Read - World Malaria Day 2023: Will India Achieve Malaria Elimination By 2030?


Orange: They are the friendliest children on the planet. Vibrant in nature and easy to get along with, little ones who prefer the zestiness of orange colour in their life are well-mannered and well-liked by the people around them.


Blue: Usually associated with the colour of sky, children who love blue colour are calm and industrious. They don't shy away from going an extra mile to reach their destination, be it in a game of hide and seek or in life.


Black: Strong willed and determined to achieve their goals in life, children who love to flaunt black are enigmatic and charming in nature. They are ferocious in their approach and don't shy away from taking a bold step to win a race. They believe in timeless beauty and sophistication that never goes out of style. Also Read - Raw V/s Soaked Almonds: Which Is Better For Weight Loss? Watch Video