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Ways to make your daughter's sleepover a HIT!

Give your daughter the best sleepover experience with these tips.

Written by Naz Haider | Published : July 3, 2017 5:58 PM IST


Want to make your daughter's sleepover with her friends a hit? Try these tips to make it a comfortable experience for your daughter and her friends.


Sleeping arrangement: Ditch the bed where only two of the girls can sleep. Spread out mattresses and put in enough pillows where the girls can lounge and sleep together. That’s the whole point of having a sleepover, after all.


‘Supervised’ privacy: Put your helicopter parenting to rest for a while and give the girls some privacy. However, rules like no closed doors and unmonitored internet usage (depending on their age) should be followed. Also Read - Calcium Deficiency: 5 Things That Could Cause It


Make the friends comfortable: Get to know beforehand what kind of food the girls will like or if they need anything particular during their stay. If ordering food or snacks, ask the girls for their preferences.