Try these super foods to enhance your kid's immunity

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Being a mother can be difficult, as you’re always worried about your child’s diet, whether or not he is having sufficient nutrients and proteins in his diet. Especially at a time when malnutrition is turning into one of the world’s leading life-threatening diseases. UNICEF reported recently, that around 50 per cent of kids below 5 years of age are dying due to malnutrition. You can not always monitor what your little one is eating and that leaves you with one option, to make sure that you include food items in his diet that can enhance your children’s overall development and boosts his immunity system. Nuts, berries and whole grains are among the few food items that you can include in your kid’s daily diet to ensure that he is consuming sufficient amount of nutrients and proteins. Here there are a list of super foods that, if consumed, can meet every nutritional demand that is essential to better your kid’s immunity system.

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Yogurt: If your kid doesn’t like having plain curd in his diet, you can opt for the flavoured one. Yogurt contains probiotics that can help your kid to keep stomach infections at bay, as the good bacteria present in the curd will prevent the bad bacteria from forming inside your kid’s stomach.

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Eggs: Eggs are a rich source of first-class proteins, even the yolk of an egg contains major vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your kid’s immunity. Also, the yolk carries antioxidants that reduces the risk of infections.

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Green veggies: Green vegetables contains large amount of folic acid and zinc along with some vital vitamins that works wonders for your child’s immunity system. Additionally, they also help in repairing the DNA as well.

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Garlic and Onions: H.pylori infection is very common in India and garlic and onions can help your kid to keep this stomach infection away. However, make sure that your kid should rinse his mouth and brush his teeth after consuming garlic and onions, as they are associated with bad breath.

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Salmon: Salmon fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that can help you to manage inflammation inside your body. Apart from this, it also aids in brain development, vision and several other health benefits.