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Try these home remedies to treat diarrhoea in children

Written by Editorial Team | Published : February 21, 2019 8:45 PM IST



Diarrhoea is one of the main problems that concerns majority of the parents. Symptoms such as watery motions may indicate that his digestive system is affected, but most of the times this is because of a viral or bacterial infection and it cures after a while. Viral infection will cause watery stools, while, bacterial infections can lead to frequent stools which can last for a whole day. This can drain your kid out of energy and after consulting with your doctor, medicines should be given in each of these cases. However, there are various forms of home remedies available which you can try on your children to offer him instant relief. Here, there are a few remedies that will do wonders for your little one, suffering from diarrhoea.



Sugar-salt solution: Frequent stools will cause dehydration and to help your kid recover from it, you can give him a home-made sugar-salt solution. You can prepare this solution by adding eight teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt in water. This solution works best to keep dehydration at bay during diarrhoea.



Ginger juice: Ginger carries antibacterial properties which helps to heal internal infections. This is why ginger juice is a potent home remedy against diarrhoea in children. Grate half stalk of ginger and add half litre of water, allowing it to boil. Then drain the water and let it cool, give few sips of this water to your child on regular intervals. If he doesn’t like the taste, you can add honey drops to make it taste better. Also Read - Drop In Temperature 'Perfect' For COVID To Mutate, And Spread: 7 Tips To Stay Safe From Omicron This Winter



Boiled potatoes: When you kid suffers from diarrhoea, you may look after his fluid intake, but you should not miss out on providing him with nutrition as well. During diarrhoea, his appetite will take a hit and feeding him boiled potatoes will be easy on his stomach and help him stay full. Also, the starch in potatoes will help him tackle diarrhoea.