Step-by-step guide to swaddle your baby

Soothe your baby by swaddling them the right way.

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Guide To Swaddle Baby

Wrapping up your little bundle is a complicated task for first time parents. You may have practiced it on a doll but swaddling up an actual baby is no joke. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get it right. A little practice is all you need to master the art of swaddling your baby.

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Baby Swaddle Step 1

Step 1: Spread the blanket in a diamond shape. For this you can fold one corner of the blanket inside. Now place your baby, face up on the blanket such that the baby’s head is at the edge of the folded corner. Also Read - Sudden Cardiac Deaths Increase In India: Detecting It Early May Lower Risk

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Step 2

Step 2: Now take one corner of the blanket and cover the baby’s body with it. Tuck this corner beneath the baby’s arm.

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Step 3

Step 3: Now you need to cover the baby’s feet. Take the bottom corner and fold it upwards to cover the legs and tuck the end beneath the shoulder. Leave enough space for the baby to move his/her legs. Tying the swaddle too tight can restrict movement of legs and hips and cause complications.  Also Read - 10 Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Cough

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Step 4

Step 4: Wrap the upper side corner which is loose around the neck but not too tight. The neck and head of the baby should not be covered.

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Step 5

Step 5: Now take the remaining part of the blanket and seal the swaddle by wrapping it over the baby’s body and tucking it beneath him/her. Your baby is now all bundled up.  Also Read - Heart Failure And Old Age: What Is New To Know?