5 simple ways to control your toddler’s temper tantrums in public places

Try them. Most of the time they work.

Written by Debjani Arora | Updated : June 23, 2022 11:31 AM IST

Tantrums In Kids

It is not easy to control your child’s anger outbursts in public. Most of the time you might resort to spanking instead of having a heart-to-heart conversation with your tot to instantly shut her up and avoid the unwanted, uncomfortable stares from people around. But from experience, I know this hardly helps. So here are some tried and tested tips I can offer which helped me to control my little one’s temper tantrums in public.

Offer Her A Toy

Offer a toy: This needs little thinking, always carry one of your child’s favourite toy or a picture book. So when your child breaks into a loud cry or throws temper bring it out to divert attention. This is the best way to control your little one in public place as a favourite toy or book is bound to make a crying toddler break into a smile.

Offer A Snack

Offer a snack: Most of the time a child throws tantrum due to hunger than any other immediate reason. So, carry her snack anything that she will enjoy having in-between meals. Slices of fruits, a handful of berries or some nuts are best snack options for kids when on the go. Offer her some so it keeps her satiated and prevents an anger outburst. Avoid giving chocolates to stop these tantrums.  Also Read - Winter Diet: 7 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Chili Amidst Cold Weather

Walk The Toddler

Talk calmly and walk out: Sometimes these strategies might not work during those tough times it is better to talk to your child calmly and walk out of that situation. Yes, sometimes you have to cut short on your social gatherings or outing to control these tempers. So, take your child and go for a stroll to divert attention, once your child is settled you can get back to joining the do.