10 sensible and useful gifts for newborns

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If you are going to visit a newborn and are too excited that you have loaded your gift basket with expensive toys, fancy infant clothes, pacifiers, feeding bottles, etc., thinking that these are the essentials a new mother would need. Then stop and think again. Are toys and fancy dresses really a necessity for the new mother and the baby? Probably no. So try gifting something more sensible and practical. If you are wondering what, check this list.

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Quick Dry Sheets

Quick dry sheets: Most parents don’t think of this as a necessity and so it skips their shopping list. But then a baby also needs to spend some diaper-free time. So if you are visiting right after the delivery or within the first week, this will make for a great gift. And the best part is it also comes in handy during potty training. The parents will thank you for the next 2 years at least. Also Read - Heart Failure And Old Age: What Is New To Know?

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Cotton Clothes

Cotton jablas: Chuck those fancy cloth sets and get a pair or two of cotton jablas. That is what a newborn needs during the initial days to avoid fiction with skin that can lead to rashes, allergies and more. Cotton clothing is child friendly and gives the skin enough air to breathe. Organic cotton onesies also make great gifts.

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Steriliser: I am personally against bottle feeding. But some mums might have to do it either by choice or for convenience. While at the beginning one might cross off a sterilizer from the shopping list, eventually sterilising the bottle the conventional way gets too hectic. So if you looking to gift something meaningful a steriliser won’t go waste.  Also Read - World Rabies Day: DCC Launches Vaccination Drive For Stray Dogs In Delhi

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Diaper Bag

Diaper bag: A chic and stylish diaper bag is something every mother yearns to tote for the hospital visits, a visit to the parks and other outings.

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Diapers: Are you laughing out loud? Wait let me explain, during the initial days an infant might need up to eight diapers a day and if you can stock up a new mother’s house with a few packs of the same, it would be like a blessing. Sure, people have preferences over brands and quality so you better find it out. Also, some parents might use cloth nappies instead of diapers so to be on the safe side, check before you gift. Also Read - World Heart Day 2022: What Nuts To Consume For Healthy Heart Function?

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Swaddle Cloth

Swaddle cloth: There cannot be enough, yes seriously. Many mothers like to match their kid’s outfit with a cute swaddle cloth. So if you have great taste in picking the cutesy ones it will be great.

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Hooded Towel

Hooded towels: After swaddle cloths, a hooded towel makes the perfect gift. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Also Read - Fitness Tips: Here Are The Some Tips You Should Follow If You Are In Your 50's, Watch Video

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Customised Gifts

Customised gifts: Yes, another sensible thing that you can do is make customised gifts for the mother and the child, like a printed blanket or bed sheets and pillows with their pictures or name printed on it.

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Baby's First Book

Baby’s first book: A wonderful way for the mother to record baby’s firsts. A parent might not deliberately pick it up but when gifted, memories will be written and etched in a book forever.  Also Read - World Heart Day: Cardiac Surgeon Shares 4 Tips To Prevent A Heart Attack

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Shopping Vouchers Or Gift Cards

Shopping vouchers: Ok this makes your life easier. Gifting shopping vouchers will make it easy for the mother to pick up things for her little one. If you can gift online coupons, all the better.