5 reasons why every parent should practice babywearing

I LOVE babywearing and here's why every parent should get into this amazing practice!

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Many of my friends expecting babies often seek my advice for must-haves for new and to-be parents, and I always suggest getting either a babywearing wrap, a Mei Tai or a soft-structured carrier to wear the baby, right from the time when the baby is a newborn. Why babywear? Here are a few times when babywearing is a lifesaver!

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It takes a village to raise a baby, and if you are a new mother with no help, it can get overwhelming. Attending to the baby and trying to get some household chores done can be tough. Infants need your touch and the warmth of your snuggles constantly. So wrap up your bundle of joy and go about your work at the same time!

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Be a super dad/ husband by wearing the baby and helping your wife around the house. You can even take the baby out for a walk and let the mommy get some much-needed rest. Babywearing dads look super-cool, so gear up to make heads turn!

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Mothers usually run the show single-handedly. Running errands or shopping can be difficult if you have to push a stroller or hold a squiggly baby. Go hands-free by propping your toddler or baby over your back and get things done in half the time!

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Miss being outdoors, trekking, hiking or even a simple picnic? Get those trekking boots out, pack some snacks, wear your baby and you are good to go! Make your child an adventurer!

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Two hands is too less to manage a baby and a toddler. How can you manage to go out or get any work done? Babywearing to your rescue! Search for tandem wearing videos and make your life easier.