5 places you should NOT visit with a toddler

Here's why you should think twice before you take your toddler to your salon appointment or to a zumba class.

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You refrained from a lot of things during pregnancy and now that your baby is growing up and little settled, you can’t wait to get back to your old life. A visit to the salon is due, you can’t wait to hit the gym or go to the dance classes. Are you planning to tag your little one along to all these places? Think again. There are some places that are not meant for your toddler and it is best they stay home or in a safe environment.

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Gym: The equipment has sweat on it, the floor is not so clean and the equipment is risky. Toddlers don’t sit in one place and what if he bumps into some weights or is hurt while playing with the gym ball. Besides, it will be a distraction from your fitness regimen too.  Also Read - Sudden Cardiac Deaths Increase In India: Detecting It Early May Lower Risk

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Salon: You need a root touch up or rebonding and you think the little one can take a nap in the pram. Salons are a place where toddlers can contract infections and respiratory ailments due to the chemical fumes, perfumes and aerosols present.

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Parenting-baby Care-toddler At Dance Class Unsafe-THS

Dance class: I have personally seen toddlers tripping over when trying to get into the dance routine of adults and hurt themselves. The music is loud too and if you think that your child loves dancing, play music at home and let them enjoy. Also Read - 10 Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Cough

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Hospital: Besides the visit to a paediatrician, children should not accompany adults during hospital visits. Infections at the hospital are very serious and there is always a risk of your child contracting a contagious ailment.

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Parenting-baby Care-toddler At Party Unsafe-THS

Pubs and parties: You want to have fun and don’t want to leave your child at home. But it is definitely not safe to expose your little one to the loud music, passive smoke and the highly crowded environment. You can always ask someone to baby sit for you if you intend going out in the evening.  Also Read - Heart Failure And Old Age: What Is New To Know?