Follow these tips to handle a picky eater

Written by Editorial Team | Published : February 14, 2019 8:32 PM IST


If your little one dislikes every different or new food item which you serve, it becomes difficult for you to provide him with sufficient amount of proteins and nutrient. These selective habits can hamper his metabolism and prevent him from gaining weight. According to various researches, generally, it takes 10 or even more exposure to develop a taste for new food. Majority of the parents think that it relates to food or veggies, but children can be picky about any food item or whole food groups. Having a picky eater in your home, means you have to serve him with his choice of food rather the meal which others at home are eating. Here are a few tips you can use to handle a picky eater.


Understand his behaviour: If your kid is not selective towards junk food items only, it is not a problem and you shouldn’t be shouting at him for not eating what you are serving more often. If he doesn’t like a particular food item, instead of screaming on top of your voice, replace it with any alternate food which can meet your child’s nutrient needs.  Also Read - 10 Nutritious Foods That Can Help You Get Defined Abs

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Trick them when they are hungry: When your little one is hungry, offer him something healthy such as fruits, cereal. There is a high possibility that they will eat whatever you offer them in such situation. However, make sure you stay confident when you offer him a healthy snack because if they sense you are exaggerating the benefits of a dish, they may simply refuse to eat.


Let them decide what they wants to eat: Not everyday but every now and then, let your kid pick what he wants to eat for the entire day. This can help them to include dals or several other healthy eatables in their diet on their own. Even if they demands a burger, make it at home using healthy ingredients.  Also Read - Mouth Ulcers: How to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers Overnight?


Regularise their meal time: When you reward your kid with snacks at regular intervals, you are forcing him to skip a proper meal as he will feel full during lunch or dinner time, even if you prepare his favourite dish. Build a habit of eating meals and snacks at a particular time, to avoid this problem.