11 creative ways to make your kid eat fruits

Arrange fruits in an interesting way to make your kids eat fruits. Here are a few examples to start with.

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Fruits For Kids

Chocolates and ice-creams get over in no time but when it comes to eating fruits, your kids may be throwing a lot of tantrums. You have to explain to them about the benefits of fruits. But it doesn't work. Check out these fun ways to make your kids like and eat fruits.

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Apple And Kiwi Bunny

An apple a day keeps a doctor away but making your kid eat apple is a tedious task. So make apple bunnies and place few kiwis cut in circles on the plate to make it appear like bunnies on grass.

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Apple And Peach Owl

Owls are scary but not this one. With kiwis, strawberry, apple and peach, you can make an yummy and healthy fruit owl for your kid to eat.

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Fruit Rainbow

How about creating a beautiful rainbow fruit plate for your kid? All you need to do is place fruits in different colours on a plate giving it an appearance of a rainbow. Let your creativity flow by adding as many colours fruits as you can.

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Kiwi And Banana Tree

Kiwis. banana and strawberry -- just 3 types of fruits to make a tree. You can even use other fruits like pineapple, cherries or mango.

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Kiwi Christmas Tree

You don't have to be very creative but learn the trick to place cut fruits properly on a plate for a visual treat. This Christmas tree made with kiwis and pomegranate seeds is good

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Pomegranate Tree

Not just kiwis, you can even make a pomegranate Christmas tree on a plate simply by placing all the seeds in a triangle.

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Orange Lion

The next time your kids creates a fuss over eating fruits, try this trick. Place orange slices in a circular manner over pancake to make a lion face. Use banana slices for eyes and blueberries or jamuns for pupils to complete the look.

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Orange Sun

If you don't want to be over creative or are in a hurry, then making a sun on plate can also do the trick. Use some cream, jamuns and oranges on a pancake.

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Strawberry Birds And Flower

Who doesn't like strawberries? But if your kid is fussy about eating berries than here is a trick that can come to your rescue. Make birds with apple and flower petals with strawberries and garnish the plate with some more fruits to get the right look.

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Strawberry Fish

Make fish with strawberries and water bubbles with blueberries or jamuns and underwater plants with strawberries, banana and kiwi. Choose a blue plate to give it the appearance of water.

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Strawberry Flower

If you want to keep it simple and clean, then try making a strawberry flower. All you need to is cut few strawberries in two, chop kiwis into fine slices and use a banana slice to make beautiful red flower on a plate.