4 apple recipes that your toddler will love!

Here are some recipes your toddler will love and you will enjoy making.

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Apple Recipes

Apples are versatile; you can cook up a variety of quick, fast and healthy recipes by just slicing one fruit. The bonus for me is apples are always devoured with much joy by my 4-year-old. Once she settled with the apple puree during her weaning days, I was on constant lookout for recipes that had apple as its main ingredient in it. While there are many, here are a few recipes that my kid and I enjoy polishing off within minutes. If you are thinking how to make your tot eat apples try these recipes and let us know your experiences.

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Cold Soup

Cold soup: This is a different kind of soup and can be had even when your child is down with cold and flu. In a pan, melt a spoon of butter add a pinch of grated ginger, half grated carrot and sauté. When the carrot changes colour, add pieces of apple, one whole of the fruit washed and peeled. Add water and allow the apple to boil. It takes eight to 10 minutes for the apple to boil, stir with a spoon and mash the apple chunk. Add a dash of cinnamon powder. Also Read - Can PCOS Be Managed Without Medicines? Explains Dr Arbinder Singal

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Apple Fritters

Apple fritters: There are two ways in which I make them. First, in a pan add one spoon of butter and half cup milk, heat it a bit and add freshly cut and peeled apples. Sauté in the milk till the milk dries up and the apples turn golden brown. Dress with a dash of cinnamon powder and you are good to go. The other way is to mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together. Pour milk and one egg, blend well. Slice the apples in circles, mix with the blend and fry in hot oil till they are golden brown. Add powdered sugar and chocolate syrup on top and gorge.

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Apple Spread

Apple spread: Yes, this is easy and better than the readymade store bought jams. Take three or four big juicy apples, wash, peel and cut them. In a pan, add water and soak the apples for three to four hours. Heat the soaked apples with the water and mash the pieces. Next, drain the mixture through a thin sieve. Add sugar or sugar syrup, mix well and allow it to cook in a slow flame for at least 10 minutes. Take off the flame and the spread is ready.  Also Read - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2022: 4 Signs Of Prostate Enlargement

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Apple Ice Cream

Apple ice-cream: While there are 100s of recipes on the internet, this is the easy one, trust me. Cook two big apples in a container over low flame. Remove from flame and add half cup condensed milk, sugar and pour in the freezing bowls and let it freeze for four to five hours. Take them out and simply eat. Well, since it is not prepared in the conventional manner it melts soon, but sure it will be over before you notice that.