Hush little baby! Here's how to soothe a crying baby

Mothers all over the world vote for the best ways to soothe a crying baby.

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Soothing A Baby

Your heart aches when your baby cries and you want to do anything and everything to soothe her. According to a study undertaken on 716 mothers to determine how they would soothe their crying infants, several responses came up. Interestingly, most of them avoided using pacifiers for this purpose. Read on so that you are better equipped the next time your baby gets fussy.

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Mother Breastfeeding To Baby

Breast feeding: The questionnaire had about 23 options for soothing a baby and mothers had to prioritise and tick the most preferred ones. About 99.1% mothers chose breastfeeding as the topmost way to soothe a baby. The most common reason for infants crying is because they are hungry. So breastfeeding was obviously the chosen option. Also Read - Sudden Cardiac Deaths Increase In India: Detecting It Early May Lower Risk

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Carrying A Baby

Holding or cuddling: Infants love cuddling and being held. Babies may also cry because they want to feel the touch and warmth of their parents. Mothers know it all, and hence 96. 9% of them voted carrying the baby or holding them, so they can sleep peacefully, as the second option.

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Baby Sucking Thumb

Letting infants suck on their thumb or finger: Babies find comfort in sucking their thumb. Hence mothers preferred to let them suck their thumb or finger instead of a pacifier. Around 87.3% found this method effective in soothing a crying baby. Also Read - 10 Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Cough

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Gripe Water

Gripe water: Babies may cry incessantly due to colic too. Gripe water has been chosen by 64% mothers for pacifying a baby crying due to colic. However, consult your doctor before you give your baby gripe water as it is not recommended for all infants and may not be effective too.

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Night Bottle

Night bottle: Just like breastfeeding and sucking on their thumb, night bottles are comforting and relaxing. For babies aged 6 months and above, night bottles can be filled with water or milk and around 42.1% mothers prefer giving their children night bottles when they wake up crying in the middle of the night.  Also Read - Heart Failure And Old Age: What Is New To Know?

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Swaddling Baby

Swaddling: Newborns miss the comfort and warmth of the womb. Hence, swaddling them gives them the feel of being in the mother’s womb and sleep peacefully. 19.3% mothers thought swaddling was a good way to calm a crying baby.