Osteoporosis Patients! These 6 Exercises May Do You More Harm Than Good

As per doctors guidelines, osteoporosis patients should workout to cope with symptoms but, they do not recommend that they try any and every workout.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : June 8, 2023 1:48 PM IST

Osteoporosis Patients! These 6 Exercises May Do You More Harm Than Good

Osteoporosis patients struggle with weak bones and joints. In order to cope better with some symptoms, doctors do recommend some exercises that can help strengthen their bones. But, not all workouts are good for them. In fact, some can do more harm than good.

Sit Ups Or Crunches

Patients who are experiencing a decline in bone health and suffering from illnesses like osteoporosis should not try workouts that may hurt their spinal cord. Variations of sit up exercises require people to bend their spine forward and backwards multiple times. According to researchers, repeated spinal flexion can injure the spine, fracture it or develop back pain. Also Read - Anxiety Disorder And Excessive Smart Phone Usage: Can It Be A Trigger?


Tennis is a very high speed game which requires good reflexes and physical fitness. While playing this sport, our trunk moves and twists at a very high speed. If a person suffering from osteoporosis plays this game, he or she may increase their risk of wrist injuries.

Lifting Weights

Listing heavy objects is strictly not recommended for osteoporosis patients. It may hurt their lower spine. Their is a specific technique that people follow while lifting heavy objects. If a person has poor lifting form, them they must avoid doing it.


Running also puts a lot of pressure on the joints and bones. It may led to injuries. Make sure you consult your doctor beforehand, in case you really wish to go for a run.