Are you making these 7 brushing mistakes?

A lot of us tend to use the wrong technique while brushing and end up with toothache and dental cavities.

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Oral Hygiene

As human beings we have to follow certain practices that animals don’t. Brushing our teeth is one. Despite the importance of this practice, a lot of us tend to use the wrong technique while brushing and end up with toothache and dental cavities. Even the people who are conscious and work hard on their oral hygiene often make mistakes that end up hurting them. Here are some of these mistakes that you should avoid.

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Brushing Horizontally

Brushing horizontally along the gum line may damage your gums. Ideally, brush at a 45 degree angle for effective cleaning.  Also Read - Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Eye Sight: Know How To Make Vision Better As Per Ayurveda, Watch Video

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Brushing For Too Short A Time

Brushing for too short a time may not remove all the plaque and clean your teeth. Brushing for too long can be bad too, as it can erode your enamel. Ideally, you should brush for 2-3 minutes twice a day every day.

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Some people keep using the same toothbrush even after the bristles are visibly frayed. An old toothbrush may not be successful in cleaning your teeth adequately even if you follow the proper technique. You must change your toothbrush if you see the bristles are splaying or bending.  Also Read - Anxiety In Children With Cancer: How Can It Impact Mental Well-Being?

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Brushing Too Hard

Brushing too hard can injure your gums and lead to them receding. It will also erode the enamel of the teeth, making it more susceptible to cavities.

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Brush Before Sleeping

Some people brush just once a day which is in the morning, after they wake up. Most toothpastes claim to fight germs and cavities only for 12 hours, and there are 24 hours in a day. Making brushing a practice before sleeping is important.  Also Read - International Day Of Older Persons 2022: 5 Lifestyle Tips For Healthy Aging

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Woman Brushing Her Teeth

Brushing teeth is brilliant but not for too long. ADA (American Dental Association) recommends brushing for not more than two-three minutes. Over brushing teeth can cause sensitivity.

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Not Washing The Toothbrush

If you do not rinse your toothbrush thouroughly after use, it can prove to be a breeding ground for bacteria.  Also Read - Are You Diabetic, Above 65 Or Suffering From Asthma? Know How To Save Yourself From The Flu