Oats Side Effects: 5 Facts You Did Not Know About

Oats are considered as a superfood because of its high libre and low fat content. But, is it one hundred percent harmless?

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : September 27, 2023 9:31 PM IST

Eat Oats

Oats, another food very rich in fibre and has very high satiating power. Replace your current diet with oats. A little portion can keep you full for a long time.

Can Cause Blood Sugar Spike

Oats may not be suitable for diabetic people. If consumed in excess quantities, it can cause a blood sugar spike. It is safer to consult your doctor before including it in your daily diet.

Has High Phosphorus Content

According to experts, oats are very high in phosphorus. This can be especially dangerous for people with kidney problems.

May Sometimes Be Overprocessed

Nowadays you may get many different varieties of oats with different flavours. These are overprocessed in factories. They may be detrimental to health. If you wish to consume oats, go for the original kind. Also Read - The Rise Of Paraben-Free Beauty: What You Need To Know?