Must include these super-foods in your diet postpartum

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First 40 days after giving birth to a baby is extremely crucial for mothers. They need to understand that taking proper nutrition at this time is equally important as it was during pregnancy. Once the baby enters your life, you totally forget about your health being ignorant that it will eventually affect your child. This is because, you are the one who will be breastfeeding your little bundle of joy. Therefore, you need to focus on right diet along with the proper sleep to keep baby blues and postpartum depression at bay. All the mother out there need to acknowledge what their bodies have just accomplished and need to treat them accordingly. Make a diet chart and include more protein in it as it serves as your body’s building block. It is important to replenish your own reserve after supporting your baby’s growth for 9 months. Here we help you with a list of foods that every mother should have.

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Low-fat dairy products: Jam-packed with calcium, vitamin B, and protein, dairy products are considered best to consume postpartum. Doing this will make your as well as your baby’s bones stronger. Therefore, do include products like milk, yogurt, and cheese in your daily diet.

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Legumes: Being rich in iron, legumes are considered great breast-feeding food. Especially vegetarians should add legumes in their daily diet as it will help them substitute the lack of proteins.

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Blueberries: Jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, blueberries are an excellent choice for breastfeeding mothers. They will keep your energy levels high.

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Oranges: Breastfeeding mothers require lots of vitamin c. Therefore, orange is an excellent choice for them. Moreover, they can opt for other citrus fruits as well.

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Eggs: For your daily protein needs, eggs are considered perfect. Opt for eggs in any form to keep yourself and your baby healthy.