5 natural table sugar substitutes you must try

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We Indians look for opportunities to celebrate and have some sweet dishes. And, normal table sugar is commonly used in almost every sweet dish. Few people know that consuming table sugar frequently can put them at an increased risk of diabetes and many other diseases related to high sugar levels in the body. It is quite understandable that saying no to table sugar completely can be challenging for most of the people but, replacing it with healthy and natural alternatives can be a good idea. So, let’s know about 5 delicious but healthy sugar alternatives that can be your sweet buddies.

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Honey: Being alkaline in nature and containing natural sugars, honey is considered as one of the healthiest table sugar substitutes. Also, containing minerals, important vitamins, proteins, and good amounts of water, honey decreases blood pressure, increases blood flow and protects you from cough and colds.

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Jaggery: Known as the medical sugar, jaggery is one of the tastier and healthiest table sugar alternatives. Used in solid, powder, and liquid forms as well, jaggery helps in the treatment of various health related issues including constipation, indigestion, and coughs.

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Stevia: To satiate your sweet cravings, stevia is considered as one of the best herbs. Also known as meethi patti, it is low in calories and hence good for diabetics or for those on diets for weight loss. Moreover, stevia also provides protection against tooth decay, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stomach acidity.

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Dry fruits: Dry fruits including dates, raisins, figs, and prunes are considered nutritious and healthiest. Also, these can be used in foods to add just a hint of sweetness in place of sugar.

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Fruits: Jam-packed with a range of essential nutrients, fruits including bananas, mangoes, papayas, carrots, and watermelons contain sugar in less concentrated form. Along with fulfilling your sugar requirements, consuming these can improve your blood sugar levels in the body.