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Milind Soman Reveals What He Eats In A Day

A lot of you might be wondering about Milind Soman's diet. The actor recently took to Instagram to reveal what he eats in a day.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori | Updated : September 1, 2021 10:27 AM IST


Milind Soman's Diet

Milind Soman's diet


When To Drink Water On An Empty Stomach?

You can begin your day with one full glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. This single glass of water might be either room temperature or lukewarm. If the bland taste makes it difficult for you to consume, you can add honey or lemon to it. Remember that water consumption must be adjusted according to the needs of an individual. Drinking too much water can cause hyperthermia. Also Read - Pooping While Giving Birth? You Are Not Alone



Around 10am, he eats his breakfast that includes some nuts, one papaya, one melon, any seasonal fruit like mangoes, about four.



Around 2pm, he takes his lunch which usually consists of rice and dal khichadi with local and seasonal vegetables (with the ratio one part dal/rice and 2 parts vegetable) and two teaspoons homemade ghee. Sometimes, instead of rice, he eats 6 chapatis with vegetables and dal. Very rarely, like once a month, he eats a small piece of chicken/mutton or an egg.  Also Read - Pakistan's Former President Pervez Musharraf Dies At 79 After Prolonged Illness



Milind Soman usually eat his dinner around 7pm. A plate of vegetables/bhaji. If very hungry, some khichadi. But he doesn’t eat non vegetarian at night.


Foods He Avoids

Milind Soman stays away, as far as possible, from over refined, processed and packaged food. He doesn’t take any supplements or extra vitamins. Water, as required, never cold. “No soft drinks, alcohol once or twice a year, maybe a glass. If I eat dessert, it is mostly sweetened with jaggery,” says the actor. There’s no change in his diet during the quarantine. The only addition was kadha 4 times a day.  Also Read - Flu Epidemic: Warning Issued In Japan After Country Reports Over 3 Lakh Infections In 7 Days



If he eats dessert, it is mostly sweetened with jaggery.