Mental Health: How To Stop Overthinking?

If you are a chronic overthinker, it will be hard to break away from the cycle of repetitive and dark thoughts but, here are few tricks that may help.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : September 25, 2023 8:42 PM IST

Tips To Stop Yourself From Overthinking

Do you ever drift into a negative thought and your mind just hops from one dark thought to another. Soon, you are spiraling and unable to stop. This is called overthinking in the simplest of terms. It is hard to break away from this spiral for some people but not to worry, we have some tips for you.

Take A Step Back And Find The Cause

If you are a chronic overthinker then you know that you are often caught in the same cycle of repetitive thoughts. This is called rumination and it can really hamper your mental health. The trick is to step back and take a note of what is causing these thoughts.  Also Read - Early Detection And Intervention Strategies For Hearing Loss In Children

Confront The Cause And Take Action

After you have identified the root of these repetitive thoughts, the only way to stop it is by confronting it.

Find A Distraction

For the time being, you need to find a distraction so that you do not spiral again. Find an activity or watch something or listen to music. Any kind of distraction will work. Also Read - 7 Plants That Can Aid Your Respiratory Health

Deep Breathing

Practice deep breathing. While you do it, focus on your breathing. This will calm you down and also shift your mind's focus.

Stay In The Present

Stay in the present and not in your dark past. And do not let your own mind trap you. Focus on the task in front of you. Also, you can start journaling in order to help you escape this cycle.