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Mandira Bedi To Drashti Dhami: Inspirational Fitness Journeys Of 5 Successful Female Artists

These five women overcame difficult obstacles and transformed their health and you can do it too!

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : January 24, 2023 5:45 PM IST


Mandira Bedi To Drashti Dhami: Inspirational Fitness Journeys Of 5 Successful Female Artists

Some people workout to stay fit and slim while others do it to stay happy. Many influential personalities have fitness stories that are truly inspiring. Staying fit is certainly a lot of hard work because our life does not always go as planned and any hiccups can take a toll on our weight as well, especially for women. Learn all about the inspiring fitness journeys of these five successful women.


Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi shared that she went through a very difficult time right after the death of her husband, Raj Kaushal. She was not able to stay on top of her health and body weight for more than a year. But, as she finally resumed her work as well as her fitness routine, it was a success. She said that she had never given much thought to weighing herself frequently but after she realized that it was time to focus on herself, she began with giving herself weight loss aims and she kept it slow and steady.  Also Read - How To Stay Fit During The Festive Season: Follow 5 Simple Steps Suggested By Fitness Coach


Drashti Dhami

When Drashti Dhami first took up fitness, her aim was to lose the weight she had gained after her marriage. But, as she got used to the routine, she realize that she was not working out to stay thin or fit, she was doing it because it made her feel happy, content and peaceful.


Mohena Kumari

Mohena Kumari is another actor and dancer who is also from a royal family. She recently had a baby and shared that the pregnancy had also lead to weight gain and she thought she would never be able to get her body’s agility back. She started working on getting herself back in shape right after her baby turned three months old.  Also Read - 5 Step Guide For Men Over 40 To Build Stamina And Strength


Kashmera Shah

Kashmera Shah, who is 50 years old, revealed how she began working out avidly to lose weight. She stopped eating rice, bread, and chapattis and started eating in small portions. Within 15 days, she was able to lose 3 kilos. This gave a boost to her confidence and she started working out a lot.


Aanchal Munjal

Aanchal Munjal had jeopardized her health and career when she had to undergo a serious and extensive surgery. During her recovery, she shared that she ended up gaining a lot of weight because of the medications that she was on. Antibiotics usually lead to massive weight gain or weight loss. it did took her a while to return to shape but she successful and during her journey, she focused a lot on her diet, fitness and overall health. Also Read - What Is Copay, And How Can It Affect Your Health Insurance? All You Need To Know