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Low libido: Stop eating these 5 foods that might be killing your sex drive

Eating the wrong foods can affect your libido and lead to low sex drive. Read on to know which foods you should avoid.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri | Updated : December 22, 2020 10:09 PM IST



Eating the wrong foods can not only affect your health but cause low libido. Estrogen in females and testosterone in males play a vital role in the bodies of both the sexes. And if any of these hormones are out of whack, it can negatively impact your health, including your libido. All problems like women sprouting excessive facial hair or men with breasts stem out of a hormonal imbalance. So, it is important to eat the right foods and avoid the wrong foods.



While a glass of your favourite wine is not a bad idea, excessive drinking can cause some serious damage. While most people believe that alcohol helps them when it comes to sex, but it can affect your sex drive in the long run. Drinking too much alcohol can make it hard to keep an erection and cause erectile dysfunction. It can also reduce the production of testosterone.  Also Read - 7 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Should Know


Fried Food

It goes without saying that fried foods are bad for your health, but it turns out that they are bad for your libido as well. Not only are greasy foods bad for your body but affect your performance in the bedroom. Trans-fat found in fried foods may increase abnormal sperm production in men and affects gestation in women.



Do you love coffee? While this popular beverage is known for giving you that extra dose of energy, it can also have a bad impact on your overall health. Yes, it can help you feel more alert but if you’re someone who feels edgy after drinking coffee, the caffeine could have a direct impact on your sex life. Increased anxiety can lead to low libido and even affect your overall health.  Also Read - Best Yoga Poses To Tone Your Butt



Eating a lot of canned foods is never a good idea when it comes to health. It contains BPA, a chemical that has been associated with health issues like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Many canned goods contain high levels of sodium, an ingredient that can diminish blood flow even to the parts of the body that depend on increased blood flow during sex.



Processed foods like all-purpose flour deprive your body of the essential foods essential for sexual health. Eating large amounts of processed foods without adequate protein and fats can lead to problems, including erectile dysfunction. If you want to have a healthy sex life, you need to stay away from processed foods and add a healthy diet. Also Read - Breakfast Oats Recipes For Fast Weight Loss