Let's Bust Some Myths About Miscarriage!

Miscarriages are actually very common but it does not affect women's bodies the way we might think it does.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : September 24, 2023 3:38 PM IST

Myths About Miscarriage

Pregnancy is complicated. It is accompanied by multiple things which sometimes is beyond our comprehension. When a woman gets pregnant, her body changes and along with it her appetite, her mood, her mental health. Adding to this complicated time, some women even go through pregancies with great risk to themselves and their unborn child. Sometimes, these pregnancies may be unsuccessful and women might undergo a miscarriage. Now, miscarriage is a part of life too and sometimes it cannot be predicted. However, you must not believe whatever you hear about it from others. There are fact and then there are myths. We are here to bust some of them.

Myth: It Is Genetic

The cause of miscarriage may be different for each person. It is not hereditary and cannot be passed along to your offspring's. Also, experts say that every pregnancy is unique and the chances of a healthy one is always very high.

Myth: Infections Or Weightlifting Can Cause A Miscarriage

Miscarriages are caused by abnormalities in the chromosomes which happens in the foetus. Lifting weights or suffering from an infection will not cause it. In fact, lots of women go to the gym and lift weights during their pregnancies. It is perfectly normal but, it is best to do it safely. Also Read - Winter Diet: 7 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Chili Amidst Cold Weather

Myth: Spotting Or Bleeding Is A Sign

Spotting or bleeding during the pregnancy is caused by small polyp at the cervix or mouth of the womb. This can be treated very easily.