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Know about these things in the environment which can damage your unborn baby

Written by Editorial Team | Published : February 5, 2019 7:57 PM IST



There are numerous toxins and pollutants present inside your environment which you generally do not care about. But their ill-effects become stronger when you go through pregnancy, as it can affect both the mother and the baby. There are a number of ways in which the environment around you can affect your health including your workplace, there are many radiation sources at your workplace that can cause damage to your health such as your laptop or your smartphone. Also, if your bathroom or furniture cleaner carries a chemical named creosol, it can also be dangerous for your and your baby’s health. Here we list out a few things you should keep away from you during pregnancy to ensure your little one’s safety.



Kitchen appliances: Your regular kitchen items such as a microwave oven can put your baby’s health at risk, as it leaks radiant heat. Also, other kitchen appliances which run on electricity must be thoroughly checked before using during your pregnancy.



Pets: Pets can be fun and can help you in curbing down your stress levels during pregnancy. However, their presence when you are going through pregnancy can affect your wellbeing at times. They shed too much fur which can lead to dangerous respiratory infection.