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Itchy Eyes? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

If you are wondering why your eyes are itchy, then you should check out this list that explains the common conditions that can cause itchy eyes.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri | Published : September 15, 2022 1:30 PM IST


Causes Of Itchy Eyes

Eyes are one of the most delicate organs of the body, and also an organ people don't pay attention to as much as they should. People tend to ignore eye-related problems because they are common. However, people forget that eye problems can deteriorate over time and lead to permanent damage. Even scratchy eyes could be an indication that something is wrong. There are moments when the itching is so intense that you feel helpless. Here are some possible causes of itchy eyes that you may be experiencing on a regular basis as explained by Dr. Sheetal Kishanpuria, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals.


Food Allergy

Just like seasonal allergies, if your eyes itch after eating a particular food or a food group, it is a sign of food allergy. Your immune system reacts to these foods and triggers an allergic reaction which can cause itchy eyes. Food allergies also impact other organs including the skin, gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. You also might get rashes, eczema, nasal congestion, breathing issues, inflammation, dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain due to food allergies.


Dry Eyes

A dry eye is a condition where your eyes get dry due to the loss of moisture. There is a lack of production of tears that keep the eyes moist and healthy. Reduced moisture in the eyes causes irritation which leads to itchy, scratchy and red eyes. The other symptoms of dry eyes are blurred vision, pain in the eyes, and a stinging and burning sensation. Your eyes will feel dry but extremely teary at the same time due to irritation. Also Read - Earthquakes: Possible Injuries And Prevention


Seasonal Allergies

If itchiness in your eyes is season-specific, it could be due to an allergy. There are pollen particles in the air during the allergy season which may get into your eyes and trigger itching. This may also occur due to dust particles in sensitive eyes. You may also experience other symptoms like watery eyes, red eyes, runny nose and sneezing if you have a seasonal allergy.



Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that can affect different parts of the body including the eyes. The skin surrounding your eyes is very sensitive and if it gets eczema, it might show symptoms like itchy and red eyes. You are also likely to have scaly skin around the eyes. If you have had eczema before, consult a doctor for the right treatment. In absence of the right aid, you might suffer from certain complications including keratoconus in which the cornea changes its shape. So, get treated immediately. Also Read - Things You Must Not Say To Expecting Moms


Contact Dermatitis

This is also a skin condition caused due to an allergen or allergic reaction. When your eyes come in contact with an irritating substance, they may get very itchy and scratchy. People with sensitive eyes are prone to catching contact dermatitis as these get easily triggered by allergens. Some of the common triggers include using eye makeup with chemicals, wearing contact lenses for longer periods, not removing eye makeup before going to bed, soap or detergent into the eyes, etc. In some people, contact dermatitis gets triggered with the use of hair dyes and perfumes.



Certain salts present in medicines might also trigger eye issues. If you have started taking a medicine recently and experiencing itchy eye problems post that, it could be its side effect. You should not ignore these small signs and report to the doctor. Change your medication to prevent eye complications. Also Read - How Cancer Care In India Is Improving?