HypnoBirthing: Know Its Numerous Benefits For Parents And Children

The HypnoBirthing program helps mothers recognize birth as a normal process and trains their bodies and mind for relaxation.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : May 27, 2023 10:14 AM IST

What Is HypnoBirthing?

Expectant mothers are encouraged to take control of their birth experience as early as the second trimester and, with the correct information and techniques, let go of fear and negative beliefs.

Numerous Benefits Of The HypnoBirthing Program

This includes reduced fear, fewer interventions and surgical births, shorter labors, healthier babies, reduced epidural use, and decreased postpartum depression.

Pooja Banerjee On Hypnobirthing

“Hypnobirthing changed not just my birth and pregnancy but also me as an individual." So says Pooja Banerjee, an Indian Television actress who delivered a baby girl being empowered by HypnoBirthing.

Rewards Of HypnoBirthing

The rewards of HypnoBirthing extend way beyond the birth process, providing parents with life-long skills such as deep relaxation and positive thinking that they can use throughout their journey of parenthood.