Hypertension: 7 Foods To Avoid That Can Instantly Raise Your Blood Pressure

If are you suffering from hypertension, avoid these 7 foods that can instantly increase your blood pressure.

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Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is a condition in which the long-term force that the blood uses against the walls of the arteries is extremely high which creates problems for the heart to function properly. High blood pressure often leads to serious conditions like a heart attack, stroke, and even cardiac arrest.

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Understanding High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is determined by both the amount of blood the heart is pumping and sending to the other organs, and the amount of resistance that is being used against the flow of this blood in the arteries. If the blood pumped by the heart is more and the arteries are narrow, the blood pressure goes up (high blood pressure). Also Read - Blood Pressure Spikes: How To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately?

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Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

Health conditions come with signs and symptoms, some of the symptoms which say that the blood pressure is higher than usual include - severe headaches, difficulty in breathing, nosebleed, extreme fatigue or tiredness, vision problem, and chronic chest pain. In severe conditions, one can also notice blood in the urine, irregular heartbeat, etc.

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What Happens When Blood Pressure Remains High For A Long Time?

When left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, stroke, severe kidney disorders, kidney failure, pregnancy complications, damage to the eyes, etc. Apart from properly getting this condition treated by a professional, one should also focus on the kind of foods that he/she consumes and lifestyle habits that they are following. Also Read - High Blood Pressure May Double Omicron Severity Risk Even In Vaccinated People: Tips To Manage It

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Foods For High Blood Pressure

You all know by now that food habits are important to be monitored in order to control or manage a particular health condition. The same goes for managing hypertension or high blood pressure. But, do you know what foods you should avoid that can instantly shoot up your blood pressure? Scroll down to check the list of foods that are a big 'NO' for those who are suffering from high BP.

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7 Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

Foods that one must avoid when suffering from high blood pressure are - animal meat (especially red meat like pork, mutton, etc), packaged foods (they are rich in sodium, caffeine, sugar and other harmful additives), reduce your sodium intake (sodium consumption can lead to high blood pressure by causing the body to retain fluid), Caffeine, alcohol, dairy products (butter, ghee, paneer), sugary beverage. Also Read - High Blood Pressure: THIS Healthy Food You Are Consuming Every Morning Can Lead To Hypertension