How To Make Healthy Hummus From Scratch: 9 Pointers To Follow

Tips and tricks to make perfectly healthy hummus by Chef Ajay Chopra.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : May 13, 2023 3:05 PM IST

International Hummus Day

There are numerous methods to celebrate International Hummus Day, from making your own hummus, beetroot hummus, chickpea hummus and more to scattering dessert hummus on a cookie bought from the local store. We will not miss the hummus festival, which we have heard is a remarkable occurrence. Hummus has existed for periods and continues to be one of the most malleable and nutritious backbones in many diets. Chef Ajay Chopra shares tips and tricks to make the perfect hummus.

Ice-cold Water

For an even smoother and fluffier hummus, use ice-cold water when blending. The cold temperature helps emulsify the ingredients better and gives the hummus a lighter texture.

Lemon Juice

Squeeze fresh lemon juice for the best flavour. It adds brightness and tanginess to the hummus.


Season the hummus with salt and ground cumin, but remember to start with smaller amounts. You can always add more if necessary. This step is crucial in achieving a well-balanced flavour.


A great hummus should have a smooth and creamy texture. It should be well blended, without any noticeable chunks or graininess. The consistency should be thick but spreadable, allowing it to hold its shape when scooped. It should have a balanced and harmonious flavour profile. It should have a prominent but not overpowering taste of chickpeas, complemented by the tanginess of lemon juice and the nuttiness of tahini. The garlic and cumin should add depth and complexity to the overall flavour.  Also Read - Flossing To Brushing: Follow These 7 Tips And Tricks For Strong Teeth


The flavours should be well integrated and not excessively salty or acidic. The hummus should possess a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth creaminess. This is achieved by adequately blending the ingredients until they form a smooth and homogeneous mixture. The presence of tahini contributes to the luxurious texture of hummus. Flavour wise should be well seasoned, with salt and cumin enhancing the flavours without overpowering them. The garlic should be present but not overly pungent. The lemon juice should add brightness and tanginess without dominating the taste.


A great hummus should have an inviting appearance. It should have a consistent colour throughout, usually a light tan or beige. When serving, you can drizzle a little olive oil on top and sprinkle it with paprika or chopped parsley to enhance its visual appeal. Also Read - How The Sun Keeps Your Heart Healthy