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How Does Poor Mental Health Affect Relationship With Your Child And Partner?

A person's relationship with their children needs to be sensitive to the emotions and behaviours of both of them.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : May 26, 2023 10:55 PM IST

Importance Of Mental Health

Good mental health is paramount for stabilizing constructive thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Mental health also plays a crucial role when we make difficult choices, deal with people or try to empathize with others. But on the other hand, Sheetal Shaparia, Life Coach, explains that insufficient mental health conditions can be extremely hard for us, our partners, and our children.

Emotions And Behaviours

A person's relationship with their children needs to be sensitive to the emotions and behaviours of both of them. For example, dealing with inadequate mental health can seriously impact how a person interacts with their child as it can lead to mood swings, and one might get irritated easily. E.g., if you are dealing with depression or anxiety, you might feel unmotivated, lack energy, and have difficulty interacting with your child.  Also Read - Menstrual Hygiene Day: Agra House Helper Shares Her Fight Against Shame And Silence

The Child Might Also Face Problems Connecting With You

For example, one might feel overwhelmed and agitated due to bad mental health. As a result, one might snap at their children and react more emotionally than necessary, creating tension and negative emotions. In addition, one’s lack of emotional availability can create distance between the parent and the child, and one might feel neglected.

Emotional Companionship

Poor mental health can also impact your relationship with your partner. Providing each other with love, emotional support, and companionship is extremely important as a partner. However, fulfilling these roles can be challenging when dealing with a mental health condition. Also Read - Gynaecological Disorders: Why You Should Opt For Ayurvedic Treatments?

Mental Health Disorders

When dealing with mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, one becomes clingy or distant, making it challenging for your partner to connect or communicate with you. You may also become hypersensitive, overreacting to small things, creating tension and arguments between you and your partner.

Try Self-care

So seeking help, managing your symptoms, and getting proper treatment are essential. In addition, trying self-care and being open and honest can help one to build stronger relationships and also help improve one’s mental health.