How Active Can You Be During Pregnancy? 5 Safe Activities For All Three Trimesters

Pregnancy does not bring your life to a standstill. There are lots of doctor recommended safe activities you can continue doing throughout all trimesters.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : November 28, 2023 9:00 PM IST


Safe Activities You Can Do When You Are Pregnant

Your life does not come to a standstill when you get pregnant. In fact, the opposite thing happens. This is when you will begin to take the best care of yourself, make sure to eat well, exercise regularly and stay happy so that your baby is happy and healthy too. You cannot stop doing the activities that you loved doing out of fear of hurting the unborn child. As your pregnancy progresses, your body also changes to protect the child from harm. Activities and exercises are actually good for you at this time.


Can You Go Swimming?

You can safely do this till trimester three, as per experts. Swimming is a full body exercise but it is more fun and also can be of low intensity. Spending some time in the water will immediately improve your mood and help with back aches.


Can You Do Pilates?

Pilates is also very beneficial during pregnancy. It will help you keep the extra weight off of your body and ensure that your delivery and postpartum recovery is easy.