Here’s how you can improve your indoor air quality

Indoor allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, fabrics have been linked with respiratory problems. Read on to know the steps you can take to improve the air quality inside your home.

Written by Editorial Team | Published : November 20, 2019 1:21 PM IST

Air Pollution

Air pollution on the rise in the national capital.

Improve Ventilation

Improve ventilation: The condition of pollution is really bad outside. But that doesn’t mean you keep all your doors shut all the time. With proper ventilation, neither the allergens in your house will be released outside nor will they accumulate inside. Open a window once in a while and let your house breathe, once you think that air quality inside has improved you can close them back up. Also Read - Health Hazards: Effects of Combining Heat Styling and Hair Products

Bring In The House Plants

Bring on these house plants: What better way to remove toxins from your house than plants? Plants such as Peace Lily, Lady Palm and Broadleaf Lady Palm are very efficient air purifiers as they have the power to remove ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene from the air. Ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene are the most common toxins released by house products.

Clean Your AC Filter

Clean your AC filter: Just like any other filter, your AC filter also needs to be regularly cleaned, irrespective of the fact, whether it is working or not. Collection of dust on AC filter can harm the air quality of your home, increasing the risk of asthma. Do the same for your car and vacuum cleaner filters.  Also Read - Black Tea Benefits: Drink this tea every day for weight loss