Heart Disease And Summer: Careless Lifestyle Can Cause Heat Stroke!

When the atmospheric temperature rises, our heart works harder to pump blood and oxygen. If heart patients are careless, it could cost them their life.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : June 9, 2023 4:01 PM IST

Heart Disease And Summer: Careless Lifestyle Can Cause Heat Stroke!

Summer heat can increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke and exhaustion if you are not careful enough. Our body functions differently when the temperature surrounding us is very high. Our heart has to work harder to pump blood and this can be very risky for people with cardiovascular problems.

Do Not Exert Yourself To Intense Physical Workout

Summer heat increases you body temperature. Our heart works twice as hard to pump oxygen and blood to the organs. Extra physical activities and exertion can actually have an adverse impact on heart patients. If you still wish to exercise, stick to the simple and slow workouts.  Also Read - Finding A Best Gluten Free Option? Incorporate This Superfood Into Your Diet

Drink Water And Electrolytes

Doctors always recommend heart patients and every other person to keep themselves hydrated in summers. Water helps regulate body temperature. If you stay hydrated, there is lesser risk of you suffering a heart attack. Another recommendation is to consume a lot of electrolytes, which also help balance hydration and keeps the body’s electrical system in control.

Caffeine Is Not Recommended For Heart Patients

Caffeine has two very important properties that can be dangerous for heart patients. First, it increases the heart rate and second, it severely dehydrates you.

Always Check If You Are Properly Hydrated

The colour of our urine can tell if we are hydrated or dehydrated. Make sure to check at all times, especially if you are a heart patient. A dark yellow colour would mean that you must drink more water. This can actually help you stay on track.