Ginseng: Mother Of All Korean Skincare Ingredients

Korean Ginseng: An Element You Require For A Wholesome Glow.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : September 22, 2023 3:05 PM IST

Korean Skincare

Korean ginseng has been used in Korean skincare for years, and with good reason! According to Koreans, good things take time. The proverb was meant for ‘ginseng’. This *really* slow-growing root has been a superfood since time immemorial, and today, its many skincare benefits are used to gain super-fast glow-ups! This humble root contains many suitable compounds that leave your skin soft, glowing and healthy.


It is an herbal supplement that is widely consumed in Asian traditional medicine. It takes six whole years for this root to reach its maximum potency, and then it becomes a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But wait! There is a lot more as to why this ingredient should be on your radar. Quench Botanics team of experts elaborate more on the mother of Korean skincare ingredients – Ginseng!  Also Read - Nighttime Troubles? Your Guide To Overcoming Paranoia And Sleeping Well

Top Ginseng Benefits For Skin

Commonly used in East Asian countries as a medicine, it also has its roots in skincare (pun intended.) It’s been a vital part of Korean skincare since the 1500s, but it has always been the biggest secret. Until the world knew all about it and went gaga over the much-hyped-but-worth-it ‘red ginseng’.

Bye-bye Under Eye Dullness

Ginseng? More like ginzing! The energizing elements in ginseng awaken your skin, help reduce dark spots and brighten skin. Packed with the goodness of ginseng, it has an easy-to-use rollerball applicator that massages away under-eye puffiness, cools skin and improves blood circulation.

Acne, No More

Rely on its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and watch them exit.